Bed and breakfast: the differences between yesterday and today

Generally, we have always believed that Bed and Breakfast has always been a type of non-luxury accommodation for holidays, often chosen for comfort and not for beauty. Until a few years ago, B & Bs were in fact receptive structures often only present in big cities, perhaps in the center, and useful for those who needed to move quickly in the main areas.

The bed and breakfast rooms of the “old generation” were also quite spartan. Inside there was usually the bare minimum for the night and personal hygiene and little inventiveness was used for the furnishing of the environment.

In recent times, things have definitely changed and one of the most popular accommodations for your next vacation is represented by guest rooms, structures that have become over the years of often luxurious accommodation where you can spend relaxing vacations.

We try to understand what are the differences from the old concept of bed and breakfast and what are the strengths of this new model of hospitality that meets a great success in Italy.

Locations change

Compared to the past, where the B & Bs were mostly in the city center, today these structures are often located just outside the historic center but in any case close to the most interesting attractions. The cottages are often located in the countryside, in the middle of the woods, surrounded by greenery and the beauty of the surrounding landscape that offers a new light to this type of accommodation;

Password: customization

Compared to the past, today guest rooms are structures in which the customization of the environments and services offered to the customer is essential. It is precisely for this reason that often the rooms of the “new generation” are different from each other, furnished with care for details and usually with a particular theme that distinguishes it from other rooms. In these spacious and bright rooms, nothing is really missing. TV, Wi Fi, in-room bathroom, perhaps with a whirlpool or chromotherapy shower are some of the facilities you can find in many of these facilities;

Breakfast is often prepared with local products

As we all know, the strength of a bed and breakfast is absolutely represented by the breakfast that must be rich and well taken care of. Since many of these charming bed and breakfasts are born in the countryside, very often the products used for the preparation of breakfast foods are collected directly in the surrounding lands and therefore represent an additional guarantee of authenticity;

Possibility to know the territory in several ways

Unlike traditional guest rooms, often used for very short periods and only to spend the night, in a bed and breakfast of charm, for example located in the countryside, it is often possible to participate in excursions on foot or on horseback, rent bicycles directly to the structure for a walk along the paths, participate in cooking meetings or learn the ancient trades of the local population. In this way, staying in a bed and breakfast becomes much more than just a help in any establishment. It is actually an experience to live to the maximum for a memorable vacation.