Bed and breakfast: comfort and hospitality solutions

The bed and breakfasts are born as small family-run businesses, in which the owners rent to the guests one or more rooms of their private house.

In recent years the world of bed and breakfasts has completely revolutionized, reaching complete and suggestive offers that are also interesting for the tourists who normally frequent hotels and hotels.

What are the types of services offered by these structures?

The services for bed and breakfast included in the bookings are very numerous, we see those to which the guests cannot give up and on which their judgment is concentrated.

Free breakfast. Breakfast is the basis of B&B hospitality. The best bed and breakfasts integrate the rich buffet of organic foods, both sweet and homemade, with breakfast in the room, at the request of guests. A service often provided in hotels and in the most renowned hotels, which has always been a precious treat for those on vacation.

TV, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Most B & Bs have modern comforts to meet their guests’ needs. The rooms are equipped with satellite televisions, mini bar fridge, music systems, air conditioning and of course wi-fi to allow those who stay to enjoy their holiday to the fullest.

Local attractions and strategic location. Many facilities are chosen by the guests for their strategic position because they are close to points of interest and tourist attractions or because they are completely immersed in uncontaminated nature.

Informal but discreet hospitality and flexibility. The bed and breakfasts are more intimate and smaller than the big hotels. Check-in and check-out times are more flexible, the environment is familiar and collected, and this is because B & Bs normally manage a limited number of guests. Attention to the customer and almost tailored hospitality make guests feel at home, as if they were among friends and relatives.

The type, style and reception of bed and breakfasts vary from country to country and depending on the location in which they are located, whether city, countryside, sea or mountain.

Breakfast is a very important aspect for bed and breakfasts. In the post Breakfast b & b: how to serve and prepare breakfast for guests ⪼ we collected ideas and tips on how to create a welcoming atmosphere and an impeccable buffet

Why do guests choose to stay in a bed and breakfast?

Every guest when he organizes and books trips and vacations chooses among many proposals and solutions of stay, as long as they are comfortable and hospitable.

If comfort and hospitality are two prerequisites for a hotel, what are the advantages for a guest to stay in a B&B?

B & Bs are cheap. A perfect accommodation for families traveling and moving around. The b & b for families are equipped to accommodate even the small guests but above all they make the happiness of the parents who can economically save!

B & Bs are very popular with tourists and travelers looking for affordable accommodations for at least one or two nights. The time it takes to take a weekend away!

Personalized services in luxury b & bs. Not all B & Bs are cheap, many facilities offer real luxury stays. The luxury b & b offer their guests rich and refined breakfasts, panoramic suites with indoor spa, excursions, guided tours and much more!

Informal hospitality, like at home!  Most bed and breakfasts are run by the owners of the house who make the family environment, making guests feel at ease as if they were at home. The availability and hospitality of the host is authentic and this is one of the main reasons why tourists prefer to stay in a Bed and Breakfast!

Strategic position with respect to points of attraction. On the outskirts or in the center, near the stadium, the concert hall, on the promenade or a stone’s throw from the ski slopes.

The accommodation facilities can no longer afford to offer ‘just’ a bed or a room for overnight stays. The travel experience today must be sensorial, wellness-oriented, flexible, human-friendly and authentic, as are the guests who book.